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History of Jihad against the Serbs

 Here is the Serbian Czarica Milica and Czar Lazar......Bosnia, once part of the Serbian Empire, a ìvassal of Rasciaî, or Rashka, surrendered to Mohammed II in 1463 and was ruled henceforth by the Muslim Ottoman Turks. The Turks captured and executed the last medieval Bosnian king of the Kotromanic dynasty, Stefan Tomasevic, who reigned from 1461 to 1463. The Turkish rule and occupation of Bosnia had severe deleterious effects upon the social, cultural, political, and economic development of the Serbs. Serbs were compelled to settle and live in isolated mountainous regions to escape the Turkish predations of the boy-tribute or devsirme and to avoid the constant impressments into the Muslim Turkish armies which needed manpower in the long-standing Turkish quest to conquer all of Christian Europe.The oppression of Christians was monstrous... The first Muslim genocide was in 1876 against the Bulgarian Orthodox Christians. Over 12,000 men, women, and children were brutally exterminated by the Ottoman Turks. The Bulgarian atrocities shocked the conscience of Europe. Following the Bosnian Serb Revolution or Insurrection in 1875, the Bulgarians had followed the Serbian example and had sought to emancipate themselves from Ottoman Turkish occupation. This Muslim genocide alienated British and Western European support for the Ottoman Empire, the sick man of Europe, which earlier had British support as a bulwark against Russia and against Orthodoxy. The second Muslim genocide occurred in 1896 against the Armenian Orthodox Christians. Several thousand Armenian men, women, and children were massacred by Muslim Turks and Kurds. Sultan Abdul Hamid II stated that the way to get rid of the Armenian question is to get rid of the Armenians. The third Muslim genocide occurred in 1915 again against the Orthodox Armenians. Using the cover of the World War, the Ottoman Turks exterminated several million Armenian men, women, and children in a large-scale genocide. Adolf Hitler and the Nazi German regime would during World War II use this Muslim genocide of Orthodox Christians as a model and blueprint for the extermination of European Jewry, the Final Solution or Holocaust. In August, 1939, Adolf Hitler asked: Who remembers now the extermination of the Armenians? The fourth Muslim genocide occurred in Bosnia-Hercegovina and Kosovo-Metohija from 1941-1945 and was conducted by Bosnian Muslims and Kosovo Albanians against Orthodox Serbs. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Mohammed Effendi Amin el Husseini oversaw the extermination of Orthodox Serbs in Bosnia and in Kosovo. Husseini was never brought to trial for the genocide and mass murder of thousands of Orthodox Serbs.Failure to mention the historic truth of Islam’s bloody and repressive jihad and subjugation of others plays out in politics today.   Bosnia president Alija Izetbegovic who claims Islamic tolerance, states in his Islamic declaration of 1970, that there cannot be peace or coexistence between the Islamic faith and non-Islamic social and political institutions...and that the Islamic movement must take power...destroy the existing non-Islamic power and build a new Islamic one!! (Ye’or Islam and Dhimmitude p 202)..... Alija Izetbegovic misled the West, presenting himself, his party and his government as secularized and devoted to a multiethnic democracy, when in fact he was intent on establishing an Islamic state.  Not only did their policies and actions ensure continued resistance from Serbs, Croats and non-radical Muslims, but they made Bosnia the ‘missing link' in Al Qaeda's trajectory.The long hidden truth is that Bosnia played the same role for al-Qa’ida in the 1990s that Afghanistan did in the 1980s, providing a battleground where mujahidin could learn to wage holy war.Khalid Sheikh Muhammad (the mastermind of 9/11) and two of the 9/11 hijacker pilots were veterans of the Bosnian jihad.The Western Balkans has been a region of interest to Islamic extremists for decades. Numerous Muslims living in the so-called “Green Traverse” represent both a recruitment pool and a springboard for attacks in Western Europe. Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo and the Raska region (a.k.a. Sanjak) are frequently used as Jihad’s gateway into the European heartland. The notion is not new, only more visible today than ever before. Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini reviews Bosnian Nazi SS volunteers during the Second World War....The number of Bosnian Orthodox Serbs murdered during World War II in Bosnia-Hercegovina is estimated at over two hundred thousand. Of the 10,500 Jews of Sarajevo before the war, only about 800 survived the Holocaust. Of the approximately 14,000 Jews of Bosnia-Hercegovina, 12,000 would be killed.Serbs and Jews were together during the Holocaust, suffering together. They died together in great numbers. And they must be together again.In the 14th century, Jews fleeing persecution in Hungary found refuge in the Serbian kingdom. And even after Serbia was defeated by the Ottoman Turks in 1389 and subsequently subjugated, the Serbs nonetheless welcomed Spanish and Portuguese Jews who were exiled from Iberia a century later.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Photo:Bosnian Islamic fighters – Bosnian Islamic fighters during their Jihad which was blessed by President Bill Clinton.....Turning to events in the 1990s it is clear that Alija Izetbegovic had an Islamic vision for Bosnia and he also spoke about the need to support all Muslims throughout the former Yugoslavia. At the same time he was welcomed with open arms by Iran and he had links with the Muslim Brotherhood. However, this meant nothing to Bill Clinton and Al-Qa’ida was given a free-reign in Bosnia by America and other forces which had vested interests. The hidden “Islamic jihad” and dimensions of Bosnia have been ignored prior to the conflict, during the civil war in the early 1990s, and afterwards. This misrepresentation of reality meant that thousands of Islamists from all over the world were aided by so-called democratic powers and the role of the mass media and many leading academics served the ambitions of Al-Qa’ida and other outside powers.According to many naïve Western commentators Bosnia was a tranquil reality where Muslims and Christians lived happily together for many centuries. Not only this, the Western rhetoric claimed that in modern times it was the Muslim leadership in Bosnia which was open-minded, democratic, modernist, and which desired to maintain a multi-cultural and multi-religious society.The truth could not have been further and Western commentators and academics are clearly glossing over reality because the Ottoman Empire was not based on enlightenment. On the contrary, the Islamization of Bosnia was paid by the blood of Christians and the slavery and forced conversions of young Christian boys who were forcibly converted to Islam via the barbaric devshirme system.Islamic penetration into Europe through the Balkans is one of the main achievements of Islam in the twentieth century.                                                                                                                                                                                                         Saudi/Afghan-Arab mujahedeen with decapitated heads of Bosnian Serb POWs in 1992. Al-Qaeda funded and organized these early terrorist attacks against Bosnian Serbs.                                                                                                                    

Europe ignores the fact of 8.000 murdered Serbs in Sarajevo!!!                                                                                                                                                     ......Cele Kula - The Skull Tower-

Located in Nis, Serbia, this monument is made almost entirely out of skulls of Serbian soldiers killed during a battle between the Serbs and Turks in 1809. Over time, many skulls have been removed by relatives or people collecting them as souvenirs. Pictured above are the remaining skulls on a wall of the Tower. There were around 952 skulls, but today only 58 have remained.When he saw the battle was lost and their trench was overrun, Vojvoda Stevan Sindelic fired his gun into the Serbian gunpowder and blew up everyone, Turks and Serbs { cost the Turks some 6,000 lives}.The Turkish commander Hurshid Pasha had won, but was incensed by the rebellion and the losses the rebels had inflicted. He thus decided to impart a rather morbid lesson to others who considered rebelling. Pasha ordered the mutilation of the corpses of the dead rebels; the scalps of the dead were stripped from their skulls, stuffed with either straw or cotton, and sent to the Imperial court in Istanbul as proof of victory. Pasha then ordered a tower to be constructed at the main entrance to Niš on the road to Istanbul using the skulls, a monument that would force the townspeople to look at their own war-dead every day. The skull of Stevan Sindelic was to be placed at the top.  The Serbs understand the evils of Islam better than most. If there is one nation in Europe that will never bow to Islam, its Serbia.  More than 110 Serbian Orthodox churches have been badly vandalized, looted and seriously damaged by explosives or reduced to rubble!!More than 250000 Serbs were expelled from the Holy Serbian Land of Kosovo and Metohija,having all the features of Nazi organized Pogroms.Albanians did not perpetrate genocide and colonization of Kosovo and Metohija/real name of province/ for only a year or two, but for three centuries systematically, starting from 1690, and 1737, 1841, 1876-1878, through to 2006, the colonists kept coming from Malaysia and Dukadjin.The official name of the Serbian province under NATO occupation is not simply Kosovo, as it is referred to by the mainstream media, but rather Kosovo and Metohija.The word Kosovo comes from Serbian, Kosovo Polje, or The Field of the Blackbirds, while Metohija means The Land of the Monasteries.60% of the Kosovo and Metohija land was owned by Serbian Orthodox church.  …. Like in the battle of Kosovo, Serbian forces today have helped stem the tide of Islamic expansion into Europe, preserving Christian culture and values. Their enemies have been those who have no respect for cultures other than their own, such as the Muslim Mujehadeen in Bosnia and the KLA in Kosovo. It is painfully ironic that it is the Serbs’ army that is criticized for crimes unproved while an entity like the KLA, a group of drug running thugs, are lauded as freedom fighters! In 1997, the KLA was recognized by the U.S. as a terrorist organization linked to the drug trade. President Clinton's special envoy to the Balkans, Robert Gelbard, described the KLA as, "without any questions, a terrorist group". The former KLA leader Hashim Thaci, before becoming "Prime Minister" of Kosovo was on the Interpol and FBI lists. The truth about Kosovo, Albanian jihad terrorism, organized crime (drugs, weapons, sex slaves including children, destruction of churches / monasteries and attacks on Christian Orthodox Serbs by Muslim Albanians is becoming impossible to ignore.Led by dodgy characters and war criminals such as Hashim Thaci and Agim Ceku, "independent" Kosovo is a gangster state governed by thugs with ties to Albanian drug trafficking syndicates and al-Qaeda.The impact of Saudi financing in Kosovo now is clearly evident, and the fear is that it is not just the money that is being brought in, but the Wahhabi ideology as well. 24 Wahhabi mosques , 14 orphanages and 98 primary and secondary Wahhabi funded schools have been built in Kosovo since 1999...Thanks to Bill Clinton and Western Europe, we have paved the way for an independent Islamic state in the heart of Europe by waging war against the Christian Serbs. ....Raped young Serbian girl (age 9) from Zitinje near Vitina, in arms of her father Stojan Peric (year 1983)                                                                                                   .....UCK/KLA criminals with cut off heads of Serbs                                                                                                                                                                               
Islam considers the world divided in two zones:
- dar al-Islam, that is dwelling of Islam: the areas controlled by Muslim states
- dar al-harb, that is dwelling of the war: the areas not controlled by Muslim states.This basic idea is deeply rooted in the history of Islam and Islamic expansion.In the early years of Islam, the entire North Africa – then a Christian area – was conquered, then Spain, and the Muslim armies penetrated deep into France. Later the Byzantine Empire (present-day Turkey) fell bit by bit, until the Ottoman Empire conquered Constantinople in 1453. The Turks had already made significant inroads in the Balkans. After the fall of Constantinople Hungary fell, and in 1529 the Turks laid siege to Vienna. The Koran though — as you know according to the Islam the literal word of God — does state that the Muslims owe it to Islam to take part in the war. In Surah 9, verse 39 we read for example: “If thou dost not march out — He will punish you with painful punishment,” illaa tanfiruu, yu’adhdhibukum ‘adhaaban aliiman.The Koran contains a large number of generally worded calls for murder and manslaughter. There are Muslims who regard such passages as a license to kill. I need not to remind you the fate of Theo van Gogh. On the Internet there circulates a list of 164 calls to war to be found in the Koran. For such a short book, 164 is an incredible number. There is no such list of Bible passages.The European elites are bending over backwards to comfort Islam, and are certainly not willing to become aware of the history of the expansion of Islam. The Islamic strategy aims first to take in Europe, and strategically that is undoubtedly true. After Europe has fallen, Israel can not cost that much trouble, and America will readily follow after this. In order to conquer Europe it is also likely that remarkably little violence will be needed. The demographics do what they do, and the occasional assassination of a cartoonist, writer, or politician who makes bit too much trouble will do the rest.The Arabic word Islam means ‘submission’; and of course, here, submission means submission to Allah.... THE DARK SIDE OF THE RELIGION OF PEACE....  

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