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Hiding Genocide in Kosovo: A Crime against God and Humanity is not a typical book of the current events or international affairs genre. Nor is it a journalistic exposé. It is simply a book of stories, true stories of what has taken place in Kosovo since the end of the 1999 war: shooting, beheading, burning, bomb attack, maiming, rape, abduction, torture, desecration, theft, mutilation, and harassment. While Western policymakers (the U.S., EU, UN, NATO, OSCE, etc.) delude themselves that they are buying the goodwill of the Muslim world by the sacrifice of a small Christian community in Kosovo, the perpetrators know this is yet another step toward Islamic dominance of all Europe. This is a struggle for the soul and future not just for Kosovo, not just for Serbia, but for an entire continent
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                                       . The monster of Kosovo PM Hashim Thaci…Hashim Thaci, Prime Minister of Kosovo and head of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, is the former leader of the terrorist organization which the US and NATO trained and called the Kosovo Liberation Army, KLA, or in Albanian, UCK. In Kosovo crime circles he is known as Hashim “The Snake” for his personal ruthlessness against opponents.In 1997, President Clinton’s Special Balkans Envoy, Robert Gelbard described the KLA as, “without any question a terrorist group.” It was far more. It was a klan-based mafia, impossible therefore to infiltrate, which controlled the underground black economy of Kosovo. Today the Democratic Party of Thaci, according to European police sources, retains its links to organized crime. Thaci was a personal protégé of Clinton Secretary of State Madeleine Albright during the 1990s, when he was a mere 30-year old gangster. The KLA was supported from the outset by the CIA and the German BND. During the 1999 war the KLA was directly supported by NATO.....   
Hiding genocide in Kosovo…Ever since NATO aggression in 1999, there has been systematic destruction of any traces of Serbian monuments and Christianity in Kosovo. Some 150 Serbian Orthodox churches and medieval monasteries have been destroyed, originating from as early as 13th and 14th centuries, including some from the UNESCO List of World Heritage. According to Human Rights Watch, 250,000 Serb civilians have been driven out of Kosovo.Serbia remains the country with the highest number of refugees and displaced persons in the whole of Europe.... In 1994 in Lebanon, a radical Sunni Muslim group, Takfir wal Hijra, attempted to blow up a convoy of Serbian priests who were on their way Koura. The priests avoided death when the suicide bomber detonated the explosive device prematurely. This attempt on the lives of Serbian priests preceded a more ambitious plan. At the 18th Islamic conference, Al-Jama’ah al-Islaiyyah, held in Pakistan (October 23-25, 1998), Albanian separatism in Kosovo and Metohija was characterized as a Jihad. The same definition was given to Muslim battles in India (Kashmir), Israel (Palestine) and Eritrea. By defining armed battles as a "holy war" or Jihad, an obligation is placed on the Muslim world to do everything in its power - economically, politically and diplomatically - to aid the fight for freedom in occupied Muslim territories". This gave legitimacy to terrorist acts carried out by Allah’s holy warriors. ..
 Serb cemeteries, memorials desecrated in Kosovo.The Province of Kosovo and Metohija is the birth place of Serbian nation, culture, religion and state. Thousands of Serbian medieval monuments witness to this. There are two large communities living in the Province – Kosovo Serbs, who are Orthodox Christians, and Kosovo Albanians, the great majority of whom are Moslems. Before the beginning of the Second World War Serbian population in the Province were majority. Today, Serbs make less than 10 percent of the total population of the Province. The drastic change in national structure was due to the policy of ethnic cleansing of Serbs occupation for about 500 years, then by fascist-Nazi occupation forces (1941 – 1945) of over decades if not centuries – first by Turkish Empire which kept the Province under Mussolini and Hitler and finally by NATO aggression and occupation which continues up to these days...... cemeteries, memorials desecrated in Kosovo Albanians destroying Serbian monuments .....After the terrorist attack on a Serb civilian bus (Feb 17, 2001) in which 11 people were killed (two of them children) and 40 wounded a few Kosovo Albanian suspects have been arrested by UN police. The main suspect Florim Ejupi is direcly linked to the circles of Kosovo Albanian organized crime.... Despite all security measures Ejupi ran away from the American detention facility in Camp Bondsteel. British Sunday Times reveals in its article by Bob Graham (July 29: British troops' error led to bus bomb) that "UN sources believe that Florim Ejupi had been working for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). His trial would have been a serious embarrassment, they claim"                                                                                                                                             In Goraždevac, near Peć, western Kosmet, a memorial service was held, dedicated to Serb boys Ivan Jovović (19) and Pantelija Dakić (12), who were killed when Albanian terrorists opened fire at a group of Serb children who were swimming in the Bistrica river. Ivan Jovović and Pantelija Dakić were killed with automatic weapons and their friends Đorde Ugrenović (20), Bogdan Bukumirić (14), Marko Bogićević (12) and Dragana Srbljak (13) were seriously wounded. The rifles were fired from the direction of the village of Zahač, inhabited by Kosovo Albanians. The terrorists fired 90 bullets at the children. In late 2010, Eulex closed the investigation into the case due to alleged lack of evidence.......                                        Serb children of Gorazdevac who witnessed attack of 
Albanian terrorists at Bistrica river live under constant depression
Life of Serbs           In the 80ies Life of Kosovo Serb was a nightmare
under constant threat of Albanian FROM THE TIME OF THE ARRIVAL OF INTERNATIONAL FORCES TO KOSOVO THROUGH AUGUST 23RD  2003, ALBANIAN TERRORIST PERPETRATED THE TOTAL OF 5,962 ON SERBS.... IN THE SAME PERIOD, 1,206 PERSONS WERE KILLED AND. THE FATE OF 846 PERSONS, OUT OF 1,156 KIDNAPPED PERSONS, IS NOT KNOWN.IN THE ATTACKS IN 2003, ALBANIAN TERRORISTS CARRIED OUT 338 TERRORIST ATTACKS  ON THE SERBS.                                                                                                                                                           Radical Islam is one of the biggest dangers for Kosovo.In the past decade, Middle Eastern charities have invested some $800 million in Kosovo...."What I saw during the past 10 years was a strong infiltration of Saudi money," says Flaka Surroi, owner of the independent Koha Media. "They brought in the mosques, they brought in their dogma and ideology at the same time. They identified the poorest people in the communities, they offered them a steady salary every month just so they take over the ideology and start wearing the veil."............................ WELCOME TO ISLAM:  ...Bali i Kombetar, the Albanian NAZI party insignia on Pristina wall, 2006. Bali i Kombetar was a volunteer Kosovo Albanian Nazi organization formed in 1939 and reported of by Himmler to Hitler as the most elite of Kosovo Albanian Nazis that have killed and expelled thousands of Serbs and Jews in WWII. Today, this Albanian Nazi organization is freely flourishing under the protection of NATO troops.....                 

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