Monday, April 30, 2012

Is this Serb a CIA minion behind world revolutions

   The leader of Serbia’s Otpor movement, Srdja Popovic  (photo on the left), trains mobs across the world in ways to overthrow governments. Popovic says that he is currently training mobs in some 32 locations across the globe and is behind “popular” uprisings in the Arab world. Of course, these meddlers are best handled by being shot to death and their family handled, but no country, judging by what’s happening in Syria, is happening like that.This video, hat-tip to Trifkovic, questions if Srdja Popovic is paid for by the CIA. Popovic says that he is not funded by the CIA but by private money citing another Serb, Slobodan Djinovic, as his largest donor.Entrepreneurs usually do things for profit, what’s Popovic’s entrepreneurship for?Video can be seen via YouTube only (embed disabled). Click here to watch.                                          Foto Optor...                                                                                                                                                                                Serbian traitors, garbage ...                                                                                                                                                            Barely two months after the end of the 1999 bombings of Yugoslavia, OTPOR was spearheaded into playing a central role in the installation of a US-NATO sponsored "caretaker" government in Serbia. These developments also paved the way towards the secession of Montenegro from Yugoslavia, the establishment of the US Bondsteel military base and the eventual formation a Mafia State in Kosovo.1]]]        The Balkans Chronicles -archives/

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